For the love of family

Have you been around a family where each person seems to be mirroring each other’s stress and actually fuelling it on?

Have you been in the company of parents on trips where they constantly obsess over what their children eat, do or say?

Have you been a parent who has gone through sleepless nights because of a sick or ailing child?

Have you been a child who has seen his or her parents struggle through your childhood?

Well, don’t get hassled by so many questions. Chances are that your answer to at least one of them is a ‘yes’ and so I can tell you the point I am trying to raise here. Essentially I am trying to get to the conclusion that a family means inter-dependence, it means getting affected by each other – each other’s moods, emotions and most importantly by each other’s health. And the last one especially applies in the case of parents and children. 

We all know that nothing else is as important as raising a child. This is an act that comes with enough stress, worries, anxieties and challenges of its own – but it is an act that affords satisfaction and happiness like no other. Our Children are our pride and joy. We love them and care for them and we let their warmth and energy fill our hearts and our homes.

Obviously it’s very important for us that our children always stay healthy and happy. When this precious source of energy falls sick, its effects are felt throughout the house and it sometimes feels like the house itself has fallen ill. And this brings me back to my initial point of how everybody’s health and happiness is interlinked in a family. My personal experience in this matter comes from my neighbor’s children. Living opposite each for so many years, we have almost becomes family now and I am very close to the kids. Each time one of the kids is unwell, I can immediately see the intense worry that the parents go through, how one of them takes off from work, leaves everything to be with the kid, and the other one is constantly worried even at work, I have noticed how their personal joy and satisfaction relies on their kids’ health and happiness. They wish that they kids stay naturally healthy and not dependent on endless medicines and chemicals.

While adults can take care of themselves, it is children that need the maximum attention. Sometimes being unaware and sometimes just being too small, they depend on their parents to feed them well, take care of their needs and give them the required nutrition. While in the earlier times, parents had to think hard about supplying this additional supplemental nutrition, trying to get ingredients from different places, these days a lot of reputed companies offer ready-to-eat food items that take care of many such nutritional requirements of children. Dabur Chyawanprash is one such food.

Dabur Chyawanprash, a time-tested, age-old formulation has a number of herbs like Amla, known to be one of the best antioxidants, Giloy (Guduchi), known to have immuno-modulatory properties, and more than 40 other natural ingredients. So if you are not sure of how to secure these 40 natural ingredients, worry not – you have something available near you!

Note: All images are free and from pixabay. This is a promotional post for indiblogger and Dabur Chyawanprash.


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