Something for the corporate diva

Childhood flashbacks

While growing up, I would look at myself in the mirror and pretend to be a fancy high flying corporate woman. Though my mother was a homemaker, I had seen some formally dressed women in my locality, I had seen pictures of air hostesses in magazines and of female executives in some TV advertisements.

Somehow all along while growing up, my dreams were about how it would be when I would start working and when I’d become somebody really important, and not about getting married and having children, unlike some of my friends.

Cut to the present

Now that the dream has come true, and I go to an office everyday, wearing the so-called ‘formal’ clothes, I realize life is quite different than what I had envisioned it to be. I can start writing about how I am left with little time for myself, how sometimes my work feels so meaningless or how my addiction to a monthly salary has negatively affected the actual quality of my life. As is the case with most other posts that I start writing, I have such a surge of diverging thoughts and emotions right now, that if I start penning all of them down, I can fill a book. So I not deviate and will restrict myself to the purpose with which I started writing this post.

And the objective of this post to talk about the goofy working girl Canary. This is a klutzy girl who is fairy accustomed to the corporate life, but loves dressing up, traveling and indulging in other good things of life. Her only problem is she is lazy and has butter fingers. So while she is capable of giving a dazzling presentation to her CEO, she is also capable of goofily leaving her home with the towel firmly paced on her head after a hair wash. While she is capable of running her home efficiently complete with maids, bills and helps; she is also capable of spilling a huge bowl of gravy just before her dinner party starts.

So, for such a girl, it is monumental and almost impossible to ensure that she is always professionally and well groomed for office! No matter how much she tries, there are always things that get forgotten or left behind. If the shirt is ironed, there is a blotch of ink on the trouser. If the mascara is not perfect and not accidentally left open the previous day, the mobile is left at home. And her hair? Let’s not even get started.

My hair, my playground

Hair is the most important part of my self expression. I adhere to my office policies on dress-code and minimal make-up, but with my hair I’m experimental and wild. I change my hair cut every season and I vary the length and color based on my mood. While at home I can play with my hair however I like, at work I have to be careful. So I try all possible hair styles that can pass off under my office decorum. But.

Why is there always a but! So the lazy me gets up late, runs to the bathroom, guzzles down her breakfast while driving to office. And in between all this, I try to ensure that my appearance if perfect and yet interesting, with perfectly done-up hair. Not surprisingly, this is not just my life saga. Three of my female colleagues got their hair re-bonded because it helped them avoid such morning miseries. They say that they can just let their hair lose without a strand moving places. What they don’t say is that their bathroom drains are clogged with so many breaking hair that it seems somebody has left a wig and gone.

I’m too attached to my natural hair, so rebonding, perming, coloring etc are just not the options for me. And my hair loves me for it because it obeys me to the hilt. Okay that was a joke. Actually my hair is wildly unmanageable. Wavy and with a mind of their own, they always manage to surprise me by the time I reach office. I would have tied them low and set them with various pins to go with my white shirt and black pants, but by the time I’d have reached office, they would have turned into themselves and become an upturned watermelon. Let me show you my weekly hair journey.

The Monday to Friday of my hair

Monday, I look like this with my Monday blues and weekend hangover cocktail……

Tuesday, I have begun to accept work as a part of my life but yet I’m not motivated enough to dress well for work, so my frustration shows…

Wednesday, I have so much work on my mind that I am unable to give attention to my hair and I am a compromised clown…

Thursday, I’m dreamily wondering what this weekend will look like so I’m feeling a bit cool and experimental finally….

Friday, I’m at that point where I regret cursing work so much during the week that I’m almost in love with work, but the fact that the weekend is near is playing heavily on my mind and so I resemble a confused apple tree…

On Saturday and Sunday I’m very happy and in a trance but at the back of my head, I’m still thinking about how I need to look good and presentable during the weekdays in office. I know its going to be treacherous all over again to look professional and well turned out, given my laziness and goofiness. And with my unpredictable and difficult hair, I know each day will bring a new set of traumas and stresses right in the morning!

I need to recharge my hair!

I need to recharge my hair so that it always always always looks impeccable on office days. I need to recharge my hair so that I can wake up in the morning without having to worry about how I should groom it every single day for work.

I need to recharge my hair because my work is such an important integral part of my life that perfect recharged hair will take a load off my shoulders (literally). Recharged hair would ensure a recharged professional life! And with a recharged professional life I can continue to achieve my childhood dream of being a high-flying corporate diva, (albeit with more work-life balance this year) :)

Who can be better than Sunsilk to recharge my hair? World’s leading hair experts trust Sunsilk and work with them to develop the best solutions for all kinds of hair needs. With Sunsilk by my side, I can recharge my hair and make every day at work effortlessly impeccable!

I found many helpful articles and tips at their webpage... 

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I've written the post for this program but all views and sketches (whether you find them cute or juvenile, though I'm hoping its the former!) are my own ;) :)


Disha Kotak said…
my hair , my playground !
wow ,
i wish i was experimental.
ive never changed my style.
am too much of a chicken.

love the pictures.
all the best !
Red Handed said…
heheheh I loved reading about this hot corporate chick named CANARY.....
Good luck with the contest!
Canary said…
Thanks for dropping by again disha :)
You seem to have nice hair, wouldn't harm to get a little experimental :)

@RH: LOL! Glad you got to know this side of me ;)
Thanks for your wishes babe!
Anita said…
Lovely entry, Canary!
Cool illustrations too! Best wishes for the contest :)
Sachin Kumar said…
lovely post, best wishes for the contest :)
Canary said…
You're being too generous anita, I'm not much of a illustrator at all! Just wanted to show what a cartoon I look in the morning before work and thought this kind of doodling was the best way instead of trying to take real pictures which may not be as funny :))

Thanks so much Sachin!! Lovely to see you here :)
Saru Singhal said…
Even i want these looks. Super cool post, good luck!
Lovely post and the drawings simply hooked me
You have decorated the post very well..
All the best for contest my dear..

PS: I have gone through the phase and i can clearly understand how important it is to have recharged hair for a recharged corporate life!

Canary said…
@Saru: thanks so much Saru but I am wondering if you want these confused apple tree looks or the ones I am hoping to achieve after I recharge my hair :D

@Priyanka: Thanks so much for your wishes for the contest :)
Yes, if we don't have to worry about how our hair is flying all over, we can focus on the work :D
StyleOnStreets said…
Good one :) all the very best for the contest :)
Saket said…
A nicely worded narration.Amusing sketches.
Canary said…
@Style: Thanks so much and best wishes to you too! :)

Thanks Saket, hope the amusement extends to the judges too ;)
The Fool said…
Nicely done. Best of luck for the contest.
Jemina said…
lol...loved reading it..:D
May God bless ur hairstyle on mondays and tuesdays..:P looks like of a student from hagwarts..:P
Good luck with the contest :D
ashok said…
interesting post :)
Ashwini C N said…
Sigh, I've not had more than 2 hair styles. It's always the same. I wish I could be bold enough to change my look. Good luck with the contest. Nice post :-)
Canary said…
@TF: Thanks Karthik - it's great to have you say those golden words about my blog---- "nicely done" LOL, I'm flattered!

@LO Jemina! Student from Hogwarts eh? hahaha!
Btw, from what I see in yor profile pic, you have stunners of hair, recharged them eh? ;)

@Ashok: Thanks a lot :)

@Ashwini: Most of my changes are very subtle, so I manage to have the courage to go for them! You can try that route :)
Indrani said…
Very creative post!
All the best!
mridu said…
Super cute post ... n very intelligently thought of :) all the best.
Canary said…
Thanks Indrani :)

@mridu: wow, this is the 'made my day' comment! :) :)
Thanks so much for your words and best wishes! :)
a Rat said…
Cute, Creative, Cool.. Canary, i love it :) all the best :)
Neeraj Kumar said…
A very nice way to start the post and weaving the core of the subject into whole post is just marvelous.

And yes... I did find the sketches cute.

All the Best for the contest.
Canary said…
@rat: Thanks for dropping by again and leaving your positive word-trails behind :D
Thanks a lot for your wishes, happy that you loved it!!!

@Neeraj: Awww, such lovely words! you made my day, actually evening! :) Thanks a bunch!

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