A cool way to chill this summer

Helloooo! So my fancy new mint-o Ultramintz finally arrived! Recently I discovered this great opportunity on Blogadda, where I got to try the premium and powerful sugar-free mintz:

So how could I let go of the opportunity? Dash, went my mail and splash came the luxurious and stylish black tin case packed with 60 extra strong pellets. As the accompanying card tells me, each pellet is made from peppermint oils from France, finest quality menthol and is powered by specialty cooling compounds. So this summer:

Now here’s what I think after I have lived some moments savoring the new cooling mint. Let me start by asking you a question. Would you buy a fake i-phone if I gave it to you for half the price and told you that mostly it works the same but doesn’t use the authentic i-phone parts? Most likely you won’t. Even me, for that matter. I am one of those people who does not believe in brands and feels that the role of marketers is to make us untie the strings of our purses after they make us believe that our lives are worthless and pathetic without their doses of luxuries. But, when it comes to my own things, I definitely want the best. I don’t want to eat sub-standard food or wear spurious stuff.

I think it is something about how the human mind calculates value. In many instances, we crave authenticity as an end unto itself. We want the real iPhone not because it works better but because it’s the real one. The same logic explains why we splurge on Hermes bags, Rolex watches, Prada T-shirts, fancy Bordeaux, and expensive art (you can read more about this theory here). It’s easy to ridicule this behavior as mere snobbery. But there are certain things whose value depends largely on their legitimacy. And which is why we are willing to pay more to experience their beauty and flavor. Of course it is even better if we are one of the very few people who can get the thing.

And this is exactly why the mint-o Ultramintz suits my style! I know that I can trust ITC because in my mind they stand for quality, good products and good service. I know that this packet of mints full of peppermint oils from France is something exclusive that not everyone will probably get to eat. So what I did is this: I asked couple of friends from work to pile into my car in the evening and I drove them to my place for an impromptu chitchat and dinner. We ordered pizzas from our favorite joint next door and had a rollicking time with cheezy-breezy pizzas, home-made cold coffee and lots of fun games! But of course,

After the sumptuous meal, I offered them my delightful extra strong sugar-free mintz and then sat down noticing their reactions. From surprise at the Antarctica coolness to lip-smacks at the new taste, from compliments at the new find (Yes, I took the credit ;) ) to requests for some to take back home; I got everything! Unfortunately ALL my office friends are very shy so they did not let me take their pictures. And obviously I cannot do a sting operation on them as I work with them! But what I definitely had was a great time, all thanks to my cool new mint-o Ultramintz!

Prepare yourself for unimaginable cooling with 
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