Loving the fumble towards ramp-ready hair!

It’s the wedding season in Delhi and the book-addicted couch-potato canary finds herself preening increasingly in front of the mirror. For once, she has clear tastes in everything she wears!  
  • My latest love in fabrics is net, lace and satin; and I am HIGH on saris
  • For shoes, I am betting on wedges because they are comfortable and go perfectly both with Indian and western clothes.
  • Make-up is veering towards cat eyes and red lips for me.
And it is nothing other than hair that is consuming me the most at the moment. Enough to make or break any outfit, hair can be really important for any look. After being in love with braids for quite a while recently, my current favorite, for its stunning-quotient and easy-on-the-back in the crazy heat, is the bun. From casual to formal, party to office, bohemian to traditional, you can do anything with buns. They can add to your height, shape your face, enhance your features, and the list is endless.
The TRESemmé ramp ready hair YouTube channel is a fantastic help here. Easy to understand and replicate step-by-step recipes to perfectly spicy and flavorful hair! The most amazing discovery has been the magic of back-combing! I knew about it before but seeing how many variations you can get with it, I am in love with it all over again. Though obviously, backcombing means repeatedly combing the hair towards the scalp, causing the hair to tangle and knot up, which makes it damaging if done too often and hence you need to be judicious with its use. My favorite hair dos from the YouTube channel are all the buns: the twisted updo for curly hair, and the twisted side bun and the messy updo for wavy hair. Deceptively easy and strikingly pretty, I tried them all and though I still haven’t mastered any of the three, thoroughly loved them!
If you promise you won’t laugh, here is a blow-by-blow account of how I made a fool of myself trying the twisted side bun (yes that's the unkempt me with freshly washed long hair) :P

Ok, my hair is not exactly ramp ready or super model material in this experiment but I am sure I will get there. Since this post is part of the TRESemmé ramp ready hair campaign, I was running short of time and decided to enter even if I am not yet totally there. This entire initiative and the innovative effort by TRESemmé was so endearing that I just had to participate! :)

You can imagine my persistence from the fact that I have been surfing hair styling tricks and bun techniques religiously for the last two weeks. I am sure I will perfect a couple of my favorite buns by next week! For starters, these are some of my all-time favorite bun designs that will surely rock the ramp!

You can check out the TRESemmé interface here! A cool new Youtube channel with great background music topped with pretty interesting and innovative interaction. In fact, you can tailor your viewing experience with the jumps provided at each stage. Diana Penty, the pretty Betty from Cocktail helps you as you style your hair, all at the Mercedes Benz Fashion week in New York!


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