The magic of braids

Hadn’t planned on writing this post as I am super immersed in work these days, but then I tried the new Dove split end rescue system. As it happened, I fell in love with Dove all over again and wanted to put in my two bits about the magic of braids.

Well, my childhood memory of braids is getting my hair oiled by mom or dad like my head was a war field. Both thumped on my head as if playing the Tabla after a hard day’s work. But, though that early head-banging that moved the contents of my brain from one corner to the other super annoyed me at that time, now that is exactly something I thank immensely. Today, with dust caused damage, sun caused roughness, stress caused hair fall and chemical caused split ends; my hair worries seem to painfully increase every single day! I am almost at a point when I have given up and realized that since I can’t possibly change my lifestyle, hair problems are here to stay.

That beautiful early conditioning by my loving and patient parents is something that I often try to recreate now. So I pay five thousand bucks at fancy spas and lie with closed eyes on weekends hoping for magic. Needless to say, doses of expensive results that I get are far from anything close to those early memories. Small mercy then, that I have Dove. I am a long-term lover of Dove shampoos and conditioners and the new variant seems to be working on my split ends quietly. I have my fingers crossed as I am waiting for it to fully work its magic. As I am again on the quest of growing my hair and reaching the magic threshold of my lower back, I hope I continue to see Dove smiling at me like a fairy God mother.

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