A (fictitious) letter to my husband

Dear husband,

Thank you for the phenomenal New Year ’s Eve party! I had an absolutely fantastic time jiving to the best of party music, savoring the sumptuous four-course meal and devouring the finest of cocktails – all in your loving arms! I figure that it’s my turn to do something for you now! And hence, I have planned a dinner for you and all your close friends tonight. Ok, don’t just grin yet – because there is more. I plan to order your favorite single malt, cook the white sauce shredded chicken pasta that makes you drool and wear your favorite pink summer dress. Added to all this, I will not make you do the dishes when the gala is over, let you play led zeppelin (without asking for Charles Mingus) and give you the best shoulder massage before you hit the sack.

Of course, you need to know the dress code, darling! It is as simple as it can get – ‘no evening stubble’. I have taken out your deluxe shaving kit and kept it in the first bathroom so you can code-up before you reach the living room and join the delightful evening awaiting you here!

Got to go darling, lots to do and prepare. So, see you when I see you ;)

Lots of love and kisses,

Your darling wife

(Ok ok, I know those of you who know me can't see me cooking and giving shoulder massages! Lol, well, when the key underlying idea is to make him shave, the gross exaggerations in this letter seemed effortless :D
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