Marriage, you say?

Whether arranged or not, marriage remains what it is. A process of growing together with a person, understanding his or her complexities, choosing how to deal or live with them, sharing and caring, accepting and appreciating. And that isn’t an easy job, whether you chose love marriage or arranged! As they say, the problem with marriage is it involves men and women. ;)

In urban India these days, arranged marriages only mean parents take the western roles of friends or dating agencies that introduce you to potential partners. Most of my friends who went through this route were given the choice to meet people and decide how interested they were, how alike they found themselves, how keen they were to take the relationship forward. From whatever I have seen in my immediate set of friends, other people who have had ‘love marriages’ so to say, met people on their own and then went about the same route.

In a rural / semi-urban set-up, the process will vary to an extent. From what I hear, the leverage to spend time getting to ‘know’ the person is very limited. People are expected to say ‘yes’ more quickly especially if the girl / boy has already passed the parents’ expectation test. Though the vulture called society is a looming monster all over our country, ‘what will people say’ is normally more pronounced here. But I am sure, most of you have heard it all your life.

I didn’t want to make this a raging debate or a rant on arranged marriage vs love marriage. I think marriage is just a part of your life, a way to live more fully, to get the opportunity to love and give, to become a better person and help somebody else become a better person. For me, marriage should not become your identity if it will mean not living your own potential and not reaching your own super conscious and inner beauty. Because for that only you can be solely responsible.
And since I made it so serious and philosophical, let me show you something funny now!

(This post is a part of the Indiblogger - Sony Entertainment Television contest called 'Love maarriage ya arranged marriage'. The show that has inspired this contest airs at 8:30 PM. This link has lots more!)


C. Suresh said…
Liked that! Specifically the part that arranged marriages are not peculiar to India - the difference is only in how the marriages are arranged.
Saurabh Chawla said…
nice post :) all the best for contest!

here have a look at this one too when you get time :)
Prashant said…
Nicely presented article.

Canary said…
@Suresh: thanks Suresh, yes in some cases I see around me parents play the role of a dating agency and the kids have the choice to meet and like the people.. which actually is pretty cool and provides another avenue to meet interesting people...

@Saurabh: Thanks so much! Hopping over to your blog right away to read your take on Arranged marriage vs Love marriage!

@Prashant: Thanks again! Will surely read your views :)
Anonymous said…
Marriage,Love and All Is just part of our Life but in some case people make it a Life which I think is very wrong...
BTW the Pic at the end is quite humorous..Loved it..

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