Love me for me

No, do not tell me that.
Do not pity the opening of my veins for others to see.
Do not wipe the burnt-rubber smell
of my failed juices.

Love me for my death
That strokes me with its caterpillar true legs and prolegs.
Love me for my disquiet
That grasps me with its cuttlefish tentacles.

Yes, sometimes I chat with the early morning
And with dawn swapping clothes with dusk.
Sometimes I laugh at the moon
Yawning at the end of its duty.

You may have written my rule manual
And then pitied my obligations.
You may have set a stage for me;
But I will not live out that role.

Do not look at me like that –
I will screw up; I will fall down.
I am not that person you think I am.
Do not love me for her.

Thanks to Women’s Web for this wonderful opportunity to celebrate ourselves on International’s Women’s day! You can find more here!


shail said…
To be loved for oneself is the best. :) :)
venus said…
That is so sweet of you to visit me again.
You know, I was going thru my own blog just a few days back to see where I had left!
I am doing great, thank you for asking :)
you grow, priority changes, and things slip away.. but am now getting inspired to a li'l bit blabbering again.
How are you doing?
Thank you again for reminding me for my blog :)
Canary said…
@Shail: well put Shail, thanks for visiting! :) :)

@Venus: Pls do blog again!! really miss your posts!! :) Great to catch up back with you!
austere said…
This is just beautiful.
And thought provoking.
Hattie said…
I am so glad you are posting more again. Sometimes a rest refreshes one's talent, don't you think?
Canary said…
@austere: Thank you so much for your kind words! Really glad they moved you :)

@Hattie: Very true! I am so glad you are still writing! Loved visiting you :)
Dudette said…
lovely... and deep!!

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