How much is too much?

After an extended period of blog vacationing, in which time I had the pleasure of exchanging e-mails with a lot of readers of this blog, I am back! After blogging for almost five years regularly , this one year seemed exceptionally long and what I was doing to cut it short was weird. I was looking for excuses to be back, a reason that was worthwhile enough to blog about, trying to make sure I blogged about something significant etc etc. And off late I kind of see how silly I was being :D

Well, this is my blog, there are blogs of friends I love to read and there are friends who love to read my blog. So that is that. And I feel nice to be back! Intentionally keeping this a non-worthwhile post and will be back again soon!


Abhay said…
Welcome back...ur readers wud like to hear many more of ur stories
Voice said…
Good to see you back. I am also on blog 'vacationing' but my not so recent and most updated post in on this blog

May be this one look familiar :)
anks said…
welcome back :)
DS said…
Hi Canary,
Nice post. Check mine when free.
All the best:)
Canary said…
@Abhay: Hey Abhay! Good to hear from you!!!! How have you been? :))

@Voice: Well, it does sure sure :) Good to re-connect!!!

@Anks: Hey thanks a lot!! Hopping onto your blog RIGHT NOW!

@DS: Hey!! Thanks a lot! Yours was the first I read courtesy Indi!! And loved it :)))

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