Shadow of form

Are you a shadow of a form or a form in yourself?
Born unwilling
In a pit or a cushioned cradle
Spanked wide awake
With a smile or a smirk
Humdrum and cacophony
Oppressive smells of a baffling land
Passed from hand to hand
Emotional assortment squashing my unprepared senses
The crinkled smile here
The mean frown there
The color discussed philosophically
The size debated with serious concern
I come to something that they tell me is home

Muffled voices
Alien tongue and gestures
Readymade choices to supposed independence
Sheltered copy of the world to manicured photocopy of who I should be

Follow codes or invent a new doctrine
Tread familiar paths or lead the ones lost
Look back into comfortable archives or break the fireman’s switch
Pick roses on your journey or mourn the thorns

The choices I make
The by lanes I take
The voices I heed
The affection I need
The chapters I write
The battles I fight
The poems I author
The ashes I scatter

(to be continued... or not?)


Jyoti said…
YES! it should be continued...i wanna read more
Voice said…
.. to be continued :)
Junius said…
to be continued ofcourse!
Unknown!!! said…
yes to be continued :)
How are you?.. I've almost stopped blogging.. I have a lot of stories to tell but..the very thought that its going to be really long one..has become a hurdle:)
Anil P said…
Continue. The form needs more imagery.
Enigma said…
hey where are u these days?
satishds said…
Very soothing
Mirage said…
brilliant composition :)
Anil P said…
Well evoked.

The roses will make everything worthwhile on the journey, even the thorns that stick.
Unknown!!! said…
knock knock?
is anyone there??
if so why not writing?
Anonymous said…
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arun said…
I liked the content because it touches the core itself. Really, everyone of us has to find the purpose of living. Keep writing, keep inspiring.

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