Stray thought - personal or professional?

I have heard people talking several times about their personal and professional life. Initially when I was studying or when I had just started working, I found the concept pretty fascinating and I prided myself in telling people about how I demarcate between my personal and professional life. How I kept my personal life ‘separate’ from professional, as advised in all those bright books, and those intellectual career-and-life articles.

But as I am working for more and more time, or may be as I am living for more and more time, I increasingly believe that it is all not so true. I mean, I am one person. And everything related to me is a part of my that-same-one life. So if professional life means what I do for a living then it impacts me hugely. I get affected by the highs and lows at work and take it home many a time, I sleep over it many a time and I structure my ‘personal’ life many a time based on it. And if personal life means my boyfriend and my family, then they are an integral part of my life, my relation with them crawls into my relation with my work without any effort and impacts my performance during my ‘professional’ life.

Nothing earth-shattering really. Just a thought that struck me when I was traveling to work and I thought of penning it here. It anyway had been an eternity since I dropped by my beloved blog. Well, all seems well here at bloggoland. So I am personally and professionally satisfied.


Anonymous said…
good to read that all's well..
keep scribbling n yes, do that regularly please..
manuscrypts said…
ah well, it has stages, me thinks... over time, it gets easier to make separate compartments.. its also subjective, and depends on what expectations of work and life are.. how've you been? :)
Arunima said…
I once cried over a guy at work. Thought it was enough so, I deleted his profile from messenger and found myself a new boyfren whom I married. :-)
anks said…
i agree the lives are intertwined.... :)

good to know you are happy....
Canary said…
Aye aye, sir!

But why spearate compartments! :( I'd rather to something on my professional front that i enjoy personally as well :) Whatsay?

Wow! way to go! thats why you're always my favorite! :)

I am :) How are you though :) What's up at your end?
Anonymous said…
There are no seperate compartments. I know of teachers who carry the masterni mode into their personal lives, singers hum all the time - your profession impacts your personality and vice versa. I think that theory is all bullshit
Trevor Penn said…
There's no way to delineate simultaneous existence. However, you could be a very different person at work and a very different person at home. I'm sort of a nerd at office but not so much otherwise (is what i like to believe). Heck, i'm a different person to each of my friends. And, like some philosopher said you can't ever fight the same person twice because you don't ever meet the same person twice.

I drifted... but did you get the drift? :-)
Chitty Cat said…
interesting no?

sp since your "profession" has the word 'human' in it.

i suppose only robots can be 100% professional all the time!
Canary said…
hahaha, God bless kids and husbands of those masternis!

I did, drifter :P

yeah buts its an inhuman profession, or lets say robotic?! :D
Voice said…
>>So I am personally and professionally satisfied.

most important thing

i used to read jokes/articles how people of same profession always talk about work only..
and it is actually happening :)
Canary said…
Is it? Must be a boring work-place!
Serendipity said…
I also believe in "work-life integration" and not in the "work life balance" concept.

And yeah I can never be two different people at two different places no matter how much I try!!!
Canary said…
nod nod nod!!!
workhard said…
Thats actually a good thought.. Its funny how people are really adament about how they like to keep their personal life away from their professional life..

Poetry directory
Canary said…
:) true..

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