Have you?

Have you not chased a glow because the walkway was overcast?
Have you not followed a flow because the stream bubbled too fast?
Have you not taken a journey because vastness of the distance dampened your spirits?
Have you not stopped at a haven because you wanted the conquest to last?

Have you been seen your dreams melt away because you had no courage?
Have you mourned your desires as they died because you lacked conviction?
Have you let your love slip out of your weak clutches because you did not believe?
Have you lost a friend because you disagreed and never worked on the friction?

Have you not faced a friend because guilt ate away at your nerve?
Have you not embraced an enemy because past recollections blurred present verve?
Have you not lent a hand to a stranger because the minutes ticked away?
Have you not smiled with a child whose beauty you failed to observe?


Divya said…
Absolutely... interesting set of reflections.. We don't usually think of such things do we.. there are so many what ifs in life... sigh... Nicely put.
Anonymous said…
a little bit of everything....defines my life...
a nice read though :)
manuscrypts said…
and if so?
Prude said…
We have and thats how we learn to live...
Chitty Cat said…
Have you filed your tax returns??

Hee hee - sorry - the geek in me always has to ruin nice moments
Phoenix said…
Ah, counting the misses are we?
Pallavi said…
I have.. and its endearing..
Canary said…
yeah,, just sat down and thought of these things and then put them here.. :)

Thanks :)

you want somebody else to decide the 'then'?

well-said! :)

lol :P

umm, depends :)

what? the things you have done or the post? :D
Tsu said…
I realise that I havent. I try to. sometimes tend to forget! Haves and Have nots has defined my life! :)
Tara said…
What thought-provoking questions. Lots to think about...
Thanks for visiting my blog!
Keetha said…
Thanks for visiting. :-)

Very thought provoking poem. Some lines made me squirm a bit.

I'll be back.
Hattie said…
Thanks for dropping by my blog. Your little check list really resonated with me. Life is full of these missed opportunities, mistakes, etc. They add up in the long run, too, as I know now to my regret.
Unlike most Americans I do not tend to optimism!
Sunshine said…
Very good points. Kinda of a "take time to smell the roses" reminder...

Thanks for visiting my blog!!
Animated Junk said…
a thought provoking post of have nots n have u's
Anonymous said…
HAVE YOU been lost somewhere??
its been ages since u posted something..
Canary said…
very true :)

Thanks! thats sweet of you!

Am glad you visited!
Canary said…
Oh I did not know most Americans tend to optimism :)

:) thank-you

Just random thoughts actually, nothing intended to be profound!

Well, just did! :)
fragmented said…
Hi Canary, thank you for taking the time. I loved this piece, most of the lines placed me in a contemplative mood. Well done!
Canary said…
:) Thanks!

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