This one is for you...

Occasion: His birthday

Event: A fight

Location: Separate cities... me - office, he - home

Mood: Me - glum, he - mad at me and glum

Dialogue: Sullen

Trigger: Another phone call on his other phone, me told to hang on for a minute

Happening: Flower vendor's call to him for carnations from canary

Result: He back to phone - stunned and sheepish

Conversation: Aha! sweet.

Outcome: Exchange of apologies. Happy canary, happy him :) Happy Birthday to you once more... :)


Arunima said…
All's well that ends well!
gulnaz said…
such moments make it fun... :)

btw am also in delhi... are you on facebook?

my email id is gulnaz(dot)sheikh(at)
Pecos Blue said…
Glad such a special day ended well. Thanks for stopping by.
Anonymous said…
Cherished memories :)
Savour them..
Canary said…
yeah, totally!

yeah, me in Delhi too.. not on facebook though.. have noted ur email id.. :)


how true.. worth a journal!
manuscrypts said…
what timing, i say.. now claim it was by design ;)
Pallavi said…
hahah !! Good one.. Happy birthday to him as well.. Good to read you .. thanks for passing by my blog.have bookmarked you.. will be back.. :)
Prasoon said…
ah thats sweet :)

btw, u aint answering emails? n off from the place where you worked?? didnt inform :-/
Canary said…
oh, i always get caught when i lie :|

thanks... Moi would keep dropping as well

i hardly was informed myself :|
alls well that ends well. thanx for stopping by
satishds said…
Happy birthday to him and well done canry :D..All happies and that really makes me happies !! :)
Pinku said…
hmmm....lovely all that is left is for him to turn into a nightingale for our canary and sing a lovely love song...:)

Happy Birthday to him!!!
Phoenix said…
hota hai :)
Cynthia said…
:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
Canary said…
very true :)


Thanks for the idea! i gotta tell him to sing a love song now ;)


D said…
arvindiyer said…
Well these guys actually deliver these on time eh?:) Good for him (and you). How have you been?
Carnations. Nice !
Canary said…
"Kewl" :|

well, seems they do!

C for Canary, C for Canations :P
fondfire said…
Oh, very sweet story. My own eleven months of dating has been so nice so far . . .
Ranjan said…
Sweetly expressed!!
Hey thanks for leaving comment on my blog.
But help me with this...How do you know me?
Chloe said…
great timing! i hope he liked the flowers. :)
Canary said…
All ze best!


you bet he did :)
Julien said…

thanks for passing by !
(and if you have tips on HR in Paris don't hesitate ;)
kartoos said…
life isnt fun without these sweet little fights:D. I was wondering if i will get time to blog once i start working. If HRs do,then y cant the starters:D
PSR Chaitanya said…
Suber Suber Suber !!!
Canary said…

No no! I do not want to set a wrong precedent :P


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