Differences and Similarities

From hill tops to shades of hair
From hailstorms to matching shoes
From pine forests to slanting towers
Its revelations and surprises

From desiccated hide of the wild bore to the parched throat of the village belle
From the tears of the dejected child to the smile of the new bride
From searing heat of the concrete jungle to the holy chants of the aging priest
It is all the same no matter how well it disguises

You think there are different colors of the skin?
You imagine unlike festivals and celebrations?
You hear many voices and accents?
You read various hymns and psalms?
I wonder why this illusion arises

They pointed out the difference in skin tones; I saw the same creases under the eye
They highlighted the variation in the music; I sensed the same pain in the voice
They took out diverse clothes and fabrics; I found the same mélange of tradition
They showed me palaces and slums; I noticed everyone taking a foot of land to stand
And as you spot differences, I want to show you the similarity in all shapes and sizes


Sheena said…
Oh no! You were not trespassing! :) Thank you for visiting my blog! I love this post. I dated an Indian guy for two years, was so, so, so, so in love, and it reminded me of some of the comments we would get, and then the wonderful surprises we found in each other.

:) thanks
Kylie said…
Pretty poem! If only I could write stuff that doesn't involve hamsters or ducks and obvious rhyming :)...
Bhaskar said…
Damn good stuff this one!!!
Bhaskar said…
Ah! it did let me comment today!!
Aditi said…
Awesome is the word ;-)
Canary said…
Im glad to have touched a chord! :)

I wrote this one flouting all rules of poem-writing myself :P

When did it not let you post a comment? :|

jeez! thanks :) :)
der Bergwind said…
hmmm.... quite unorthodox... nice. quite liked the last stanza of the poem...
but then, the dissimilar quotients only make us surge ahead... life always strives to create a balance, the equilibrium... the moment we reach that poise, acceleration of life wud cease naa...
anks said…
so very well written!
Ganja Turtle said…
The accidental HR professional becomes a traveller becomes a poet, I see! Been just a bit too busy with work on classes, student clubs and the school newspaper...have written a lot of posts, but haven't edited/crafted them as I think they ought to be......foolish pride keeps me from posting them as they are. Alls well with you? How was Pondicherry? I hope you tasted the late night road food and checked out the flea market...
How do we know said…
this is a great perspective canary!!
Canary said…
I actually went back and read the last stanza again :P

Thanks :)

Ahh u found time to post a scrap!!!! *bows*

@how do...
:) Is it? thanks again :)
Maggie said…
I'm thrilled you are thinking about doing the Southern Reading Challenge. I had three international participants last year: England, Neatherlands, and Italy. Have you read Faulkner, Welty, Wright, or Grisham? This genre is huge and you will have no trouble finding a book. :)
rohit said…
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backpakker said…
very well expressed..
herewegoagain said…
Wow, you have a really neat blog...and you visited mine? SO cool. Thanks for reading me, and leading me to read yours...
yamini said…
A very nice poem and very true ...similarities seem to exist over and over again. And thank you for the *same pinch*
Canary said…
Let me take Grisham (?) (tried and tested)

basically you havent read my blog, just here to advertize yours. hmmph.

Thanks! and u got some awesome pictures in ur blog too! :)

my pleasure t'was

:P hehe, ur welcome
nice poem.. i wish i cud right such nice poetry
D said…
Unity in diversity..ahem!
Abhay said…
u've put up the unity in diversity theme in a simple yet thought provoking manner...was a nice read
Canary said…
*blush* *blush* err umm i *blush* :D

ahem ahem

thanks :)
purplefish said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
purplefish said…
now thats something i wish i had written. poetry intrests me and i hope you write more.
Canary said…
Thanks! I hope to write more too! :)

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