Not so interesting.

This is beyond my comprehension. I have seriously been missing you a lot. From the comfortable bonhomie we shared, suddenly our relationship seems to be strained, formal, lacking conversation and that old spark. How come I have lesser and lesser things to tell you, suddenly? Please, answer! Say something, my dear blog?!

Okay, some passing thoughts again. From assuming that all people think alike, I have sure come some way. Hearing about people who spent their entire lives trying to transport a letter written by their father to his best friend, or people waiting for an eternity to visit one particular place or people fighting a particular cause forever because of an incident; I thought all this existed only in books or maybe in bare minimum cases, in newspapers.

Growing amidst a moneyed ersatz society, studying with belligerent go-getters, and now living amidst Xerox copied corporate androids; I assumed that this is a regular human being operates. I am pleased to say it’s not quite like this. And these people are not necessarily eccentric and oddball arties. They are people around here whose takes on lives are radical, yet so interesting to lend your ears to.

p.s. Have been reading “The monk who sold his Ferrari”, quite a piece of junk, if you ask me. Misuse of the Indian brand to sell some boring philosophy. Seems to be the ‘in’ thing to do.


Prasoon said…
So you're still writing - whoa :)

Rest assured, I'll keep commenting tho.

Can we hear more abt ur radical findings plz - am seriously interested. and yes, I do agree abt the 'in' thing you spoke but then, that book is one amongst my favs - it helps u forget ur problems bcoz nothing can be bigger that the words u just read there :P
pRicky said…
So the thing is that you choose not to talk with your blog is your business but disappearing of the face of the blog world...
and then you follow the promises are meant to be broken with vengence huh?
needless to say good to have you back...
Anonymous said…
beautifully written. I am happy that you stoped by. Am off blogging for a few days. I must be back by next week and i plan to be a regulat here. You write really well.
satishds said…
Absolutely beautifully written. Share the same view points. And the best part being that i too think " monk who sold his ferrari" is an horrible junk. felt like puking after reading some 30 odd pages :P
yamini said…
"monk who sold his ferrari" ---absolutely share the same feeling ...though i did not even read it in the full...just the first fifty odd pages were enough to understand what the fuss was all about and then i get oh so irritated by people who praise it...though nothing in them seems that they plan on being any kinda monk...and then a lead of mine says its actually all about leadership....huh for a moment i was speechless. ok i did not read the whole book but pray its about leadership...Such shit people can be.
Canary said…
Hey! long time! :)
Okay, a post soon about my radical findings

Yeah, finally! :P
Need to check out what your blog is upto, as well !

Great, Keep visiting and I shall keep flying that side as well :)

I have reached some 100-odd page, and I am damn sure I cant take it any more :D

Leadership? :| Hahaha! any philosophy seems to be about leadership! Being in HR, I know how crap is sold in golden packets! :P
Phoenix said…
Welcome back madam...self help, philosophy art of living and all that is so not for me...i can only *give* crappy lectures

:P :P
write often ok, or the blog will go angry
D said…
Don't know I met ROBIN SHARMA a few months back, while he was here in DELHI. Among others, I was lucky enuf to meet him in private...the first question tht he asked me was - "Whts ur opinion on the lecture I gave?" Don't know but when a 'gyaan guru' looks for affirmation of what he said from an 'unsucessfull' guy like me...someones credibility is lost. In this case i guess it was mine. For I'm too unsuccessful to comprehend the mantras of sucess. Anyhow good read.
Serendipity said…
Well felt the same way about monk.And since I had already read the alchemist, this was even more boring
Canary said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Canary said…
:P will do madam

Well, creative people can be slightly eccentric and insecure..

Alchemist was still tolerable ya! but this one! i have abandoned it now, BTW. couldn't take it any more!
Dh@v@! said…
Actually ur title is more interesting ;) just kidding...

hmm i was planning to read tht book but now i will have to think
Seashells said…
Hi, Canary. :)
With very restricted internet access at work and no time to spare 'coz i'm in the middle of a shift, i don't get to bloghop as much these days.

I agree with your take on 'The monk blah blah'. Also, do write more about the non-android human beings you are talking about. I want to make sure i'm not one of their copies. :P
Siddharth said…
But he sold the Ferrari didn't he?? That should count for something....:)
Trauma Queen said…
hi canary - i also went thru blogger withdrawal for sum time- n did not see the point of writing jus for the sake of writing

i guess everyone goes thru it

plus as u saw with my last post - there r a bunch of real ***heads out there who just fight for the sake of fighting..all waste creatures only

hows the voice acting dream dreaming??
Anurag said…
so u too had taken a short sabattical from blogging

me read the monk who sold his ferrari...n was thoroughly inspired
i really liked the things written in the book n tried following it to some extent...n helped me a lot :o)

neway...keep posting

PSR Chaitanya said…
" They are people around here whose takes on lives are radical, yet so interesting to lend your ears to."

Jus when i thought i was going to read something interesting , the post ended. :(

Neways good to see ppl blog again. :)
Anonymous said…
oh so you are not regular here??
Anonymous said…
who cut your wings? :)
Canary said…
Actually I agree, wrote the post in half sleep, so the title ending up being the only interesting thing! :P

K one of the future posts dedicated to the androids!

I doubt if he made much out of that Ferrari :D
Canary said…
Hey there! Yeah I saw that for your last post, happened here as well, I just decided to delete comments posted here for the sake of creating ripples.
Well, voice acting, not much as yet but am making efforts in that direction now. PRactising Donald duck's voice these days :)

Honestly, you're the only person I know who liked the book, but great if learnt something out of it :)

Haahaha! does the half sleep explained to Dhruv clarify anything?

Ok, my next post is here! Your turn again! :)

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