The whole sexist issue revisited...


Prasoon said…
This thing got very famous today! :)

ps: you gotta change ur location here on the blog - isn't it?
Vik said…
Must say that's funny. Ironically funny. Funny irony. Whatever.
venus said…
nyayws, i made a search with "she invented" and google returned the searches just fine...
Canary said…
Today? really?

Yeah! :P

Try google searching "is she retarded"
Ruchika said…
I'd say, poor Google! :)
Ashish Gupta said…
would u mind checking it AGAIN! ;)
Siddharth said…
Works with most adjectives I think...but funny all the same!
satishds said…
google is funny :P
Ashish Gupta said…
Canary said…
Haha! ;)


Oh yes, it does, i tried as well :P

Welcome back!


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