Oops I did it again!

Location: A supposedly swanky beauty parlour
Situation: Me after repeated calls fail to get a reservation. So I decide to walk in and pretend I have a reservation.

I open the door confidently on a Friday, late afternoon time slot.
Ugly looking and snooty parlour lady: Yes, can I help you?
Me (hesitating): I need a hair cut.
Her: Do u have a booking?
Me (boldly): Yeah.
Her (with a weird look on her face that I can not decipher): When did you call?
Me (after thinking a lot but pretending otherwise): In the morning.
her: What time was that?
Me (again rigorous thinking): Around 11 or 11.30 (I know that’s a safe time and I had spoken with her the same time day before yesterday)
Her (with some horrendous satirical expression): We were closed that time. Today I opened the parlour at 3 PM.
Many faces turn around and look at me. I resist turning around to look at them.
Me (stumped and hugely embarrassed but determined not to show it): Oh, is it? But I did call at that time and spoke with someone.
Her (with the 'I have won' expression): Just not possible.
Me (forcing a smile): Okay, but err and err… so… can I get a hair-cut?
Her: Sure.
I start walking towards the sofa with a clumsy smile.
Her: Not today. We are too busy.
Me (almost pleading): Its urgent. I have to attend a wedding. I can wait for you to finish other assignments.
Her (with an irritatingly disgusting expression): No, not today. You can come tomorrow or on Tuesday.
Me (struggling for words): But… it… it will be too late… I needed it for this weekend?
Ugly looking and snooty parlour lady says nothing.
I say nothing.
The many faces keep looking at me. I turn around and walk to the door and leave.


D said…
Lol...cool man. Like your approach..so what it didn't work. Well played and keep it up..lol.
Enigma said…
u didn't have any other option ? i guess their wuld be so many parlours around
In retorpsection such embarassing situations helps to have a good laugh at yourself....inspired by you i am going to wirte about one such thing happened to me couple of year back
As Anonymous said…
he.. he...
better luck next time...
Lotus Reads said…
hahahhaa, great exchange with the stylist, loved it! Full marks to you for trying, better luck the next time! ;)
Seashells said…
LOL... but hey, YOU TRIED... :)
pRicky said…
the snooty ones never understand nothing...
Several ha ha's
Phoenix said…
awwww...tough luck smtimes..
if i were u i'd never go to that parlour again
Canary said…

was in quite a rush at that time :(

im glad to have inspired you :P

thanks :)
Canary said…
wow! thanks :)

I sure did :P

ya! damn these snooty ones! :|

mmm.. even i don wanna go there again (esp coz she might recognize me :D)
Trauma Queen said…
but u did not reveal the most important information..the NAME of this swanky parlor ;)
satishds said…
woooow i just laughed my heart out..i give u thumbs up for the dare !!! bravo..haha
Anurag said…
we can use this example to teach kids the side effects of lying ;o)
Canary said…
I wil not reveal the name :@ :P

Laughing at my expense :$

Aint that so funny! :D

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