In the name of Humanity

She had steeped into the room for the first time, and yet there was a feeling that she had been there forever. A tear slipped down her cheek. She opened the door fully, and there he was. He lay on the bed with his eyes closed. He was serene and calm. She smiled. His little fingers were clutching something. She slowly opened them. It was the cashew she had given him before he left for school. That was it. She did not know what happened after that. She was told the next day when she opened her eyes, that he had been cremated at night. And that he was happy up there with his guardian angel. She did not say anything. She closed her eyed again.

There was a lot of commotion in the house as was usual every morning. He was leaving for school. He hadn't washed his face or brushed his teeth. She screamed at him. He made a sorry face and she melted and hugged him. He finished the glass of milk. She gave him the cashew nuts. He refused at first and then tightly clutched them before running off to school.

It had just been 2 hours when the phone rang. He was about to get in the school bus when a car jolted to a halt nearby. 2 armed men pulled the little boy into the car. The school bus sped away as he shouted for help. As they were trying to drive away, he resisted further. And that was when it happened.

They push him out of the car. He falls in front of a big vehicle (the police has no clue about it too, just like the armed men or their vehicle). His stomach is crushed. An unknown man calls her up after checking the i-card of the boy. She rushes him to the hospital after he had spent an hour there bleeding. The last breath escapes his body at the hospital bed. She looks at his face and quietly leaves the room.

p.s. The instances of abductions have hit an all-time high in Patna. Little children are being picked up from homes, streets, schools, parks and we are watching helplessly. Mothers are shedding tears and we are shrugging our shoulders. Can you and me do something about it?


Ashish Gupta said…
sadly NO - not you and me.

either join civil services
watch Gangajal!
Pradyot said…
Very touching story, but sadly you and me can't do anything about it. If anyone can do about it, it is the public of Bihar, which has started to make decisions which seem to be right. Let's see if they made them in time or fate of children is already sealed.
Pradyot said…
But you can do one thing... complete this tag!
Anonymous said…
we can do something......its not like the government is the master of us, they are not unless we give that to them.

One thing we can do is keep our eyes open, every single one of us, and things should improve. Though we will have to do something about the things our eyes see.
Shreyansh said…
//Can you and me do something about it?

I feel hollow.

And I dunno if being more vigilant would help.

But I know , there is a lot the govt. in power can do. If only .
the Monk said…
yeah, it's horrible...a kid can't walk the streets safely...
Chints said…
yes, we can do something about it. Atleast stop being coward and let anything happen in front of your eyes.

Ever thought why this kidnapping and other crimes happen? Its because a common man on street is 'sharif' and doesn't have guts to face the challange. And these criminals take advantage of this fear of common man and do things like that. Mostly people will give excuses like 'my family is dependent on me', 'what will happen to my future' and what not. BUT actually its the fear of confronting the criminals, fear of unknown which makes us do 'nothing'.

Ai'nt these criminals human beings? Don't they fear anything? They DO NOT, cause they know 'aam aadmi' is 'sharif' and will not confront them.

But if they feel that if they do something wrong to others and will get a befitting reply, they would dare not do such things. Afterall they are also normal human beings. They also fear for their life.

I am not suggesting to pull a gun and start searching for criminals and shoot them.

All I am saying is that you promise yourself that you won't be a coward if anything wrong happens in front of you and promise yourself to do everything possible to stop that thing to happen. If you can change yourself and ever demonstrate in front of people, believe me things will start changing. I know 'akela chana bhaad nahi phod sakta' but 'ek chingari bahut kuchh jala sakti hai'. Human nature is to learn things from what others are doing. And things like bravery are very contagious.

You promise youself that you won't let yourself down and see, things will start changing.

Your question
Can you and me do something about it?

Answers is 'Yes, we can'. Just lets do the right things in life and not fear of unknown overshadow us.
amit said…
yeah Bihar is really in a abysmal state. just hope nitish is able to do justice to his job and remove the crap which hv been plastered in last 20 years
techie said…
Sad to hear this. Though I am in the same country, I do not know about things happening in Bihar unless I watch some movies like Gangajal and Apaharan, not even knowing how true or how dramatised they are.
Canary said…
i wish that the day soon comes when you prove wrong and parents turn right, atleast for the sake of the people of bihar.. :)

//watch ganagajal// ???!!!!!
you mean when we mourn war time heroes, we shud watch border, when we are upset about the condition of women, we shud watch rudali etc etc ?? so watching a movie is the cure for all disasters?

touching indeed.. but i hope it touches the right cord among people who can make a difference.. ok sir, i shall complete the tag. :)
Hirdu said…
Some day, Some way....

2 school of thoughts

1. whomsoever can .. Get out of Bihar or any such place which is threatening to life and move towards so called safer places - though some might call it escape-ism..But I call it survival of immediate generation and saving gene pool.

2. You already know....
Canary said…
anonymous bhaiya, plz apna naam bata diya kijiye. :)

//IF ONLY..//
if only we abduct all these very politicians and bring into power, the people who have their consciences alive?

did you check out the newspaper some days bak? the front page showed the picture of a father carrying his son to the school in Patna, with a big rifle hanging from his shoulders....
Canary said…
//All I am saying is that you promise yourself that you won't be a coward if anything wrong happens in front of you and promise yourself to do everything possible to stop that thing to happen.//
hmmm... hitting... makes me think.. hope it makes more and more poeple do the same..

//nitish is able to do justice to his job and remove the crap which hv been plastered in last 20 years //
Amen.. :)

though the case is the same with me.. but i still know for sure that the people of Bihar deserve to have a life which is which is not endlessly saddled with fear and apprehension..

escape-ism, huh? difficult said than done.. you know about the kashmiri pandits na, who have spent years in plight and yet found it difficult to move out because their generation had spent sweat and tears there building life?
ranjan said…
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ranjan said…
Incidentally this was the topic of my interview for IIM-A, and even though I wished later I had sounded more "enthu" and "do-something" types, my pessimism got me in a big argument with the interviewer,

and though I had little hopes of making it to A after what had happened, it was a nice deja vu to get that interviewer as my prof in the 1st sem at A itself :)

No didactism, but its really easy to say "do-something, wake ur conscience" till a Gun is put to ur temple and u know dead sure that guy is gonna shoot if you did any of your "to-do" stuff...not everyone is a Satyendra Dubey or Manju Nath afterall...
Chints said…
> canary

great, if it makes you think!

> ranjan

(no offence pls)
society gets what it deserves. If you think pessimistic and choose not to do anything, the state of bihar is going to remain as it is.

//its really easy to say "do-something, wake ur conscience" till a Gun is put to ur temple and u know dead sure that guy is gonna shoot if you did any of your "to-do" stuff

what if the same gun is put to the guy's temple? won't he be scared for his life? How do you think the problem will be solved if 'sharif' will be coward?

I am not suggesting to commit suicide (showing bravery in front of guy with a loaded gun is in hand is equal to committing suicide). What I am saying is to do what is doable in that situation. I don't know how to explain this but one surely knows what one can do in such situations and choose not to do due to fear of unknown.
UD said…
hi, u got good blog thanks for dropping by our blog.
Ashish Gupta said…
// "so watching a movie is the cure for all disasters"

In my sense of "watching a movie" YES. In case u just watch n forget then NO.

I do relate music 'n theatre with their take home lessons - many a times you'd find me making ref. to particular AV-media content based on situations.

Gangajal - tells me to do moral policing once in a while AFTER making myself sure of its worthiness - have held a couple of positions of administrative responsibilities but have always refrained from morally policing students/frnds :| Police killings and third degree are soo looked down upon by us! They have done a dozen enquiries about what KPS Gill did in Punjab but nowhere have they suggested a faster method of curtailing things! Anyways, I never liked Gill much!

and border tells me THIS, I have not watched rudali :(
Canary said…
\\ not everyone is a Satyendra Dubey or Manju Nath afterall \\
alas.. dats the irony here in india, i guess..

i agree with you mate, but all this is easier said than done.. don u think so ?

its ok.. i know u r glad dat igraced ur blog with my presence.. :p

now you shud watch Rang De Basanti... its awesome...!!!! :)
Chints said…
yup, its really easier said than done. But why in life we should go for easier things all the time?

if we choose be a mute spectator then nobody can do anything about it

sounds too idealistic? Thats the way it is.
Ashish Gupta said…
wren n martin ain't going good :(
time hi nahi mil raha hai life mein kuch karne ka aur tum bol rahi movie dekh ja kar :O

bad bad bad .... :P
Canary said…
who's dat sitting on the sofa ?

arey but believe me, there's never been a sweeter pic than this one.. I loooooved it.. :)
Chints said…
don't know, looks like me :P
Anonymous said…
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Prasoon said…
the blog was well written but then, can we do anything except raise voices here?
unless we take inspiration from the five iitians who started a political party or from yuva or rang de basani that matter, nothin substancial will happen to such cases - voices have to be generated n heard - a revolution is something very much needed but who would start it and WHEN is the main question ?zv
Winson said…
I guess, the Movie " EK Ajnabi " had to be shot in our very own would not be wrong to say, it is the modern day hell....most importantly..
What can we do? Given a chance me, or Send Daya Nayak or(NSG) to Bihar...and brutally , humiliate and then terminate these parasites(cant call them Humans)...
virdi said…
First we should stop watching movies...

School buses should pick up students from home and then drop them home... Keep three armed secuirty guards in the bus... No one else touches the students... School buses come home pick childern... Then they drop them home...

Have special secutiry when children go for playing in the park in the evenings... 15 families can have 5 secutirty guards in the park all the time with guns...

Lets see who comes near the kids...

The only way to stop the goondas is kill them...

Canary said…

k dude, i shall drop by very soon.. :)

//who would start it and WHEN is the main question //
that is THE question ?

easier said than done, huh buddy ?

its not just the kids, virdi.. you, me and everyone else out there is at risk.
virdi said…
lets start protecting our kids first... they are most vulnerable...

rest can be taken care later...

Unknown!!! said…
very touching story..
doing something heroic when the gun is pointed is only possible in films...but in real life...we have to do something which will solve the problem from the grass root level..why is that all these things happen...its because of some of our dirty one person we can never do anything...We need atleast an independant media which is not controlled by any political party and which is reachable to everyone so taht we can create awareness among the people..If u are aware of this new party formed by 5 IITians PARITRANA...which is an courageous attempt encourage this kind of things...I corrobiorate with virdi's idea protect ur kid first..if something comes at the cost of ur life then give up...cos by sacrificing nothing great is going to happen..if that so satyendra dubey's death what change did it get.....
...huh i think i better put a halt here...think my comment will become longer than teh blog..

Unknown!!! said…
I always feel the British should have ruled for few more years....
Its a cliche that they had ruined us..robbed us...took away all our riches....but whatever we should be thankful to them for being a main motivator for united India...
Shreyansh said…
Long time post.
Where r u??
ashish said…
Hello, Hello, Hello!
Is there anybody in there?
Just nod if you can hear me.
Is there anyone home?
Ashish Gupta said…
have you divorced ur blog :-?
Ashish Gupta said…
I think you shud at least care to reply .. even a line would do.
where have you disappeared ????
Chints said…
Canary said…
achha idea hai :p

though longer than the blog :) but good points..

very much here.. watch out for my next post..
Canary said…
bas kuchh din ka sabbatical :)

hiii... :p

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