Down the beautiful lanes of memory

Kahlil Gibran said: "Mother: the most beautiful word on the lips of mankind."

The truth couldn’t be closer than this. Mothers are those wonderful, selfless beings who give up everything to just bring that one little smile on their children’s lips. They give up everything that they once felt was important if only their children want it otherwise. If the child wants the last piece of cake, the mother would happily and selflessly give it up just to make the child happy. Who else can be as sacrificing as this?

March 10 was mother’s day – a day that Woodrow Wilson proclaimed 100 years ago to celebrate the wonderful world of mothers. This day was poignant not just for family members to celebrate the mothers in their lives, but also for mothers themselves, to recreate those beautiful moments in their hearts, to rekindle those same emotions and to rejoice in the gift given to them.

There are certain memories of my motherhood that I would like to preserve forever. The first one is the moment which is related to my motherhood but happened much before in the real sense – it was the moment when the doctor told me that I was going to have a baby. That first declaration by the doctor was accompanied by so many mixed emotions, feelings and confusions that even now when I look back at it, I can feel some butterflies in my stomach. I remember being unable to believe and then when I finally did believe, breaking down inconsolably. I remember thinking that my life will change forever and it did, for the better!

The next moment was the one when I saw my baby for the first time. Till then it was just a thought, a feeling, but now it was a reality. The little one who I imagined coming to life was finally here. Looking at him, breathing, smiling, crying was such a life-changing experience that suddenly I felt like I was ready for the challenges that lay ahead of me, the sleepless nights and confused tiring days. And it was true – just the first glimpse of my baby had prepared me for everything.

When my baby first started walking was the next memory that I would like to preserve forever. It was one afternoon when I was particularly tired. The baby had been trying to get up, climb things or attempt walking, but it was not happening. This particular, it just happened as a magic. He just stood up and raced ahead towards me, till I was laughing uncontrollably! Needless to say that I was so happy that later I cried uncontrollably.

My baby’s first day in school is the next memory that I would cherish forever. His anxieties and fears still resonate in my heart. I went to drop him to school along with my husband and we both stood there looking at him, all grown up, for a long time after that. My brave baby took the day so well that I could not help but be sooo proud of him…

Mothers are so amazing that being one if double the celebration! Maybe this is why Diana, Princess of Wales, said once, “A mother's arms are more comforting than anyone else's."

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